Hello, we are Netsai

 So why should you care?

"We believe every individual boy girl, and every hue on earth should be represented in every aspect of life. Our passion is skincare so we decided to represent the left out in beauty right here"

Our promise

Innovations that support sustainability

Diversity and inclusion

To be socially responsible

Create opportunities for the best creatives





As the girl next door who grew up to be the woman next door, I realised that most  beauty related products I enjoyed to use did not represent a person like me from commercials in tv and magazines brown, slim thick girls like me where nowhere to be found.  That got me thinking, what is this saying to my daughters and nieces; then I set myself a challenge to rub shoulders with the it girls online in order to discover what makes them so valuable to the beauty industry.  I realised that they were just ordinary women, just like me who were confident enough to follow their dreams, society just made it a little easier for them.  From that Netsai was born to inspire confidence in the marginalised for whatever reason.

Never stop dreaming, the only barrier is you




oh! by the way

glowing skin induces confidence, literally changing lives

so, why not browse through our range of skincare products we have on offer.

As Featured in British Vouge hello to the glow campaign May June July 2020 1st issue out on sale 03 April 2020 

"Netsai Beauty believes skincare has the power to change lives, by increasing your confidence that reflects in everyday life.

featured is their Zero flaws antioxidant mask;packed powder facial mask formulated with activated bamboo charcoal and cacao. Skin is left feeling soothed and supple."