frequently asked questions

Oops problem with my order, what to do?

Simply email us at with your order details and we will do our best to make it right. This is all we strive for your satisfaction.

What is your return or exchange policy

We want you to love every element of your Netsai Beauty experience. If you are not enamored with your selection, we do not wish for it to gather dust or disappointment. Please send a note within 30 days of delivery to . We welcome the opportunity to work alongside you to explore if we can facilitate a match with your unique needs and the product you’ve chosen, or to arrange for a stress-free exchange, credit, or refund so you might discover something you fully adore. Should a return be requested, there are two options for your service: (1) You may receive a full refund in the form of a Netsai Beauty digital gift certificate, and we will cover your return shipping. This gift certificate will never expire, and you may choose to shop immediately, save for a later date, or gift to another. (2) Your refund will be issued to your original payment method, less a £10 return shipping and administrative fee. *Refunds, exchanges, and store credit are available only for purchases made through *Opened products are not eligible for return or credit. *Orders placed during gifting promotions where free product was received are not eligible for return. *International shipping charges, customs fees, or taxes are not eligible for refund.

What is my product shelf life

We advise a shelf life of one year from the time you open each new bottle or jar, and we encourage opening within six months of the date your individual treat was made. Every micro batch is prepared fresh in our studio for ultimate potency and dated for full transparency into our intimate process.
Under best conditions, each of our products can safely last well beyond this timeline, but we also recommend you view these treats like fresh food, indulging frequently once opened to enjoy the benefit of the highest possible level of nutrients and goodness. You can read more about our Freshness Promise HERE.

When should I expect to see results

We encourage our clients to be consistent for at least 90 days with our collection. Changes in skin happen over time, and when working with the body as a whole, and not just your product regime. It’s important to remember as well that skin likes consistency and change can freak it out - whether moving from conventional to new conventional or from conventional to natural. It can take time to find your natural rhythm, as well as to find your ideal fit. There is an expectation that we see often when clients are transitioning that the very first natural face oil or cleanser they reach for be “the one.” And when the sky doesn’t open up and angels start singing, they toss in the towel entirely, writing off natural skincare as something that “didn’t work for them.” I could go pick up 50 different conventional skincare products today, and 45 wouldn’t work for me - the same is true of natural skincare. Try to let go of the expectation that every product is going to be a hit. It won’t. Just as it took years for you to find your current favorites, it will take time to find new products, ingredients, and brands that resonate with you as an individual in this exact moment in time. Be patient and gentle with yourself and do reach out for help. We are here for you!

Essential oils are the safe to use on skin

Essential oils are powerful tools and can function like medicine for the skin. As with all medicine, proper dosing is important. We use essential oils with total respect for ratio and balance to achieve formulas that are as safe as they are beautiful and effective. Equally important with essential oils is the source, quality and processing. Essential oils are commonly diluted or completely adulterated and this is a serious issue - and one of the reasons we sometimes see general incompatibility issues. Often, a client is responding to the adulterant, and when switching to a pure source, finds complete compatibility. Ingredients are our very foundation and the source of my greatest pride and joy in my work. We are committed to the painstaking process of securing the very best, freshest, and completely authentic and skin-compatible plants, oils, and minerals in the world, with no compromise for scarcity or cost. Read more about the sourcing and purpose behind each of our unique ingredients here: Our Ingredients