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Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Netsai Beauty was created by a black women this is a very important fact because the brand was created out of frustration,  the lack of representation and knowledge about dark skin in the clean beauty space.

Her first line of products are the zero flaws formulations they contain high levels of antioxidants that are known to be extremely important at protecting the skin from the harmful effects of some environmental factors such as free radicals.

Netsai formulations are created using evidence based formulation that are powered by nature, essential fatty acids are also a common feature in Netsai Beauty skincare formulations as they help with maintaining the integrity of the skin barrier .

They have made high quality cold-pressed Omega fatty acids and ceramides the centre of their formulas as they believe these are extremely important for the skin barrier.

Here is a run down of their products, their key ingredients and how they can help your skin

The Rose and Avocado cleansing balm

Key Ingredients

Shea Butter  Moisturises and restores skin elasticity. Protects and repairs a compromised skin barrier. Shea butter also contains phytosterols which stimulate the basal layer of skin, helping it to regenerate and benefit from a healthy youthful glow. Rose Hip Seed Oil  Naturally contains vitamin A (retinoic acid).  Rose hip seed oil is a classic skincare ingredient for sensitive skin, it's also a source of omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids, that aid in tissue regeneration and blurring the visibility of large pores. Lactic Acid  Lactic acid is an anti-wrinkle and pigmentation-fighting ingredient.  It's a milder alternative to glycolic acid less irritating, yet just as effective and wonderful ingredient for sensitive skin. Very effective moisturiser and enhances penetration of other ingredients into the skin. Brightens and clarifies skin. Avocado oil  Is a great antioxidant which has potent effects that assist in eliminating free radicals and also decelerating signs of ageing. Avocado oil has a high content of vitamin E that helps to reduce the effects of the environmental elements. Not to mention it is highly nourishing for the skin and has a laundry list of other skin benefits.

The balm is creamy easy to melt at body temperature, exfoliates very gently so can be used twice a day, did I also mention it is vegan.

It removes makeup in one go, though though Netsai Beauty team always encourage their customers to double cleanse.

Zero Flaws Anti - Oxidant Mask

Comprising of some of the most exquisite and freshest

ingredients known in skincare this face mask delivers high quality artisanal  inventiveness balanced with sustainable luxury. Made with the very best clays, spices and other skin respecting ingredients this mask is a power house of anti-oxidants to help boost your glow or solve your skin problems

What it is

Zero Flaws is a 100% natural face mask; a disrupter for problem skin it can be used up-to twice a week.

The charcoal and clays draw out impurities, while papain found in the papaya exfoliates and the vitamin rich components of the same ingredient brightens with the help of cacao which  is a great antioxidant & anti-inflammatory, it soothes the skin, improving your complexion leaving the skin glowing, while looking and feeling soft and supple.

Hydrating & Brightening Essence

This is a very hydrating facial essence/mist, it will hydrate your skin without leaving any oily residue and brighten/even the skin-tone with continued used.contains hyaluronic acid, Wu Zhu Extract Vitamin B and Squalane in a base of hydrydrating and soothing waters.

Revitalising and Brightening Serum

This multi tasking oil serum, is a dry oil that gets absorbed by the skin almost immediately. It is a nutrient supplement for the skin. Blended with 6 oils and 2 hypoallergenic essential oils to produce virtually a 100% natural gentle retinol substitute, that is anti-aging, helps treat and prevent breakouts, together with fighting hyperpigmentation, post inflammation; resulting in brighter dewy luminous skin. Thanks to the combined use of natural botanical oils and their anti inflammatory, anti bacterial properties, we are able to bring you an oil that helps to minimise pores allowing you the luxury of flawless skin.

Avocado Oil contains various fatty acids like palmitic acid, oleic acid and linolenic acid. Other compounds includes minerals and vitamins A, C, D and E; it is a powerhouse of antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory skin loving oil, that increases collagen synthesis 

Black seed Oil may work just as well as benzyl for acne it contains antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, which work to reduce clogged pores and control oil, as well as tame redness and soothe irritation.

Chia seed oil is a nature's sensation a superfood enriched rich with skin-loving omega fatty acids, powerful antioxidants & minerals, it helps to defend the skin against pollution among other effects.

Baobab Oil The fruit that contains 10 times more Vitamin C than oranges, the oil contains omega 3,  6 & 9; baobab oil also contains  vitamins A, E and F, and sterols; It nourishes the epidermis of the skin, the outermost layer of the skin that gives a waterproof barrier and creates our skin tone.

Our face serum is such nature showing off, maybe we should call it showoff by nature.

Fortify that Barrier face cream

Your skin barrier integrity is the inception yet also the limitation to achieving healthy glowing skin. We here at Netsai Beauty advocate for the use of good quality face oils always but we go a step further and say add hydration in the form of water based products too. Oils on their own are great at reinforcing the lipid bilayer of the epidermis; however, by using oils only it means you are not delivering water soluble nutrients and providing hydration that can only be replenished by water.  The fact is humectants (water based) attract moisture to the skin and emollients (oil based) seal in the moisture and deliver long lasting results. Fortify that Barrier contains Aloe Vera which is also know to have a high water content and also contains polysaccharides that encourage skin repair. But that's not all it also contains a (no gmo) glycerine that is produced using plant derivatives, it's fortified by hydrolysed soy protein and gentle oils such as Peach, rose-hip and apricot to name a few.

Other ingredients in this face cream include Very gentle and high performing face cream suitable even for sensitive skin.

Hope you found this useful and you support this independent brand.

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