Five Tips on how to keep your skin hydrated.

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Why is it important to keep your skin hydrated

It's important to keep skin hydrated because this allows for skin to stay and look healthy, dehydrated skin looks dry and lacks lustre; it also ages prematurely.

Before anyone even begins to incorporate any active ingredients into their skincare it is very important to ensure that the skin barrier is healthy that means it's hydrated and well moisturised.

A recent skincare trend started by Liah Yoo prompts the idea of going back to basics in skincare, encouraging us to strip everything from our current skincare routines except the bare minimum.

Starting off with only a cleanser and moisturiser, you are encouraged to then listen to your skin before you start to add anything else in your skincare ritual; these are the products your skin might need.

For example lets say your skin needs moisture you might add a product like the Netsai Beauty Misterious Hydrating and Brightening mist that contains hyaluronic acid and botanical waters and extracts.

What this trend allows us to discover in our maximalist skincare routines into peel back and find out, what our skin really needs, plus the bonus of encouraging us to be mindful consumers of skincare.

A few people who tried this ideology; discovered that hydration and exfoliation where the two main neglected points in their routines and nothing else was needed after they incorporated those two steps.

Depending on age, the older we get the more support your skin needs, this rest ideology can be adjusted accordingly.

Five Ingredients and type of products to look out for when looking for hydrating skincare.

Sheet masks

As skincare technology advances sheet mask are becoming more eco friendly and very soon will make a return from the cancelled pile of skincare products.

To being the it product back on our skincare shelfie, I have to confuse I never cancelled them because despite what anyone says they are the most moisture inducing simple gadget I have tried.

I particularly like the Garnier hyaluronic acid ampoule sheet mask being on cheap and cheerful side of skincare. I have used recently; vegan formulae and most likely degradable tissue (still under research).

Aloe vera

Dubbed the step sister of hyaluronic acid, this is because Aloe vera is just as potent in skin hydration as the hyaluronic acid if not better but it just doesn't have the same marketing team.

Key components include moisturising, skin soothing, analgesic and anti-inflammatory and damage repair.

More is better so always look at % if applicable or where the ingredient is placed on the ingredient list.

Hyaluronic acid

Not much difference with Aloe vera helps to re-plump the skin with moisture is widely researched and has been used in skincare for a long time.

Can be slightly irritating in comparison to Aloe vera on sensitive skin; or if found in large percentages of a product.

Overall a great skincare ingredient.


In skincare peptides are a messenger, that signal skin cells to begin carrying out something to support skin health.

They are divided into five main categories: carrier peptides, signal peptides, enzyme-inhibiting peptides, neurotransmitter-inhibiting peptides, and antimicrobial peptides.

They all impact positively in their role of informing the skin cells what to do this benefits your skin as the skin will start to behave younger and look healthy.

Peptides are a wonderful addition to your skin care routine because they can address so many skin concerns. They work even better when combined with a cocktail of other ingredients such as antioxidants and protection like broad spectrum sunscreen.


Ceramides are naturally found in your skin they are lipids meaning (fats) that are found naturally abundant in the uppermost layers of skin.

Fun fact these ceramics makeup about 50% of your skins composition, hence they play such a definitive role in how your skin looks and how it responds to environmental aggressors.

Put simply ceramics are the glue that hold everything together when it comes to your skincells without them it all falls apart.

They form a protective layer that controls epidermal loss (moisture loss) protecting the skin

against pollution and environmental stressors.

This makes them an anti-aging powerhouse even more so than retinol, niacinamide, and peptides.

Supporting skin’s dynamic nature.

Pay attention to these two ceramide precursor; phytosphingosine and sphingolipids which

work by encouraging the skin to create more ceramides.

"Well-formulated (and properly packaged) skin care products containing ceramides will help reinforce your skins barrier and increase hydration—giving you plumper, smoother, firmer-feeling skin with fewer visible lines and wrinkles, as well as fewer signs of sensitivity," according to Paula's

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