Four serious skincare habits to develop now

We all know about cleansing and the difference it makes in our skincare routines.

Cleanse for 60 seconds using a gentle cleanser twice a day and magic happens especially when working with skin under the age of 30.

Above 28 years old we all could use a little help and support here are the habits that are going to take your skin from an 6 out of 10 to a 10 out of 10 most days.

Exfoliating, not only does it provide a visible measurable improvement to your complexion. It also allows your skin to readily accept other products by letting them penetrate further into the skin surface.


Introduce Vitamins to your routine vitamin A to F just like you take supplements for your body, topically your skin needs the same vitamin supplements too.

For instance Vitamin C prevents and protects the skin from environmental pollution, sun damage and premature ageing. (Warning can be sensitising you skin)

Vitamin B is a great anti inflammatory and skin brightening agent, used to help with breakouts and hyperpigmentation

Vitamin E is amazing at preserving and protecting the skin. the list goes on.

Find a product that has been formulated well to combining a number of vitamins to save time and money and maximise the potential results.

Number 3

Use Retinol this is the only proven anti ageing ingredient in skincare.

Not that we care or worry about ageing, However we do care about how we look, so ageing slowly is still on the cards and retinol might just help.

Number four

Since all of the above make your skin sensitive to sun.

SPF is a must, even though we always say wear spf everyday it’s even more important for you to wear it when following the above regime.

Remember less is more if you are new to peels and highly active ingredient, use one product at a time.

If that product it doesn’t work for you eliminate it let your skin recover before you try the next product.

However, if it works you can introduce another confidently.

If you are an expert skincare junkie, be my guest and start layering immediately with the lightest products first and the thickest last.

If you do this correctly you might just be okay even without ever visiting a dermatologist. Wishing you the brightest glow always.

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