How to build an effective skincare routine

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

“Like everything else in life your skin needs special attention to remain healthy & glowing.”

Why have a skincare routine

Life can be very busy and at times some tasks can take the back sit and might not be prioritised, having a solid go to skincare routine helps slimline such activities that might include your skincare routine.

In time this routine becomes a habit that is ingrained and part of your everyday life making it an enjoyable part of your day. Having a solid routine also ensures you know what works for your skin and these particular products become your go to especially when the skin is in distress.

Another important factor is when you have staple skincare products you can maintain a consistent skincare ritual.

In the long run you will save money on trying different products that probably don’t agree with your skin. So here is a guide to follow when picking a products for each step.


Get two cleansers

Cleansing is the single most important step in every skincare routine. It prepares the skin ready for your essence, serums, creams and oils.

Fail to cleanse well and you might as well not finish the rest of the routine because all the products will just sit on top of the skin and not be absorbed into the skin where they can work to treat, repair or nourish the skin. When you choose your cleanser make one of them an oil based cleanser this will help to remove makeup, sunscreen and any dirt your skin might have accumulated during the day. Then choose a second cleanser that goes with your skin type.

Dry skin get a creamy cleanser
Oily skin get a foaming cleanser
Combination skin get a gel cleanser

I think you get the idea.

No 2

Find the Perfect exfoliator

Why do we exfoliate?

The skin is very good at what it does, it sheds and renews every 30

days this process is particularly active in our younger years.

As we grow older the skin like everything else slows down and we start to see dry dull patches, these might need a little bit of help to slough off, they usually consist of dead skin cells that hide a healthy and glowy under layer of the skin.

Medications and other elements can also contribute skin dullness and overall lack of lustre. A chemical exfoliator is best, the advice is to pick a product that uses an acid that is kind to your skin type.

Sensitive Skin choose mandelic acid or lactic acid Oily or acne prone skin choose glycolic acid, salicylic acid or Citric acid

you can also find exfoliators that combine these ingredients.

No 3

Find 3 different types of mask

If you are a skincare fanatic you will easily get bored of the same products.

Here is your chance to play around pick a few different masks for multiple concerns.

A Detoxifying mask, this will help draw out impurities minimise the appearance of pore sizes, treat and prevent breakouts, I love the Zero Flaws antioxidants for this task.
Hydrating mask When the skin lacks lustre and needs a pick me up, this helps plump the skin reducing any visible signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. Leaving the skin looking youthful and glowing. Tula‘s nourishing mask is great for this job.
Illuminating mask this is a pick me up, kind of mask, a quick fix for when you have emergency meetings or dates with your friends. I love a good old sheet mask for this my favourite being the L’occitane illuminating mask.

No 4

Find a loaded Essence or Serum

Here the skincare companies will tell you to buy them all, the face mist, the essence and the serum.

I am here to say you don‘t, just pick one or two that will target your skin concerns.

let me give you an example.

Let’s say you choose an essence that address dehydration and it’s key ingredient is hyaluronic acid make your serum has vitamin of some sort, if you are targeting hyperpigmentation the go with vitamin B & C.

If your concern is ageing then vitamin A & F.

I think you get the idea.

Our very own Hydrating and brightening mist contains both Hylaronic acid and Niacinamide.

No 5

Face cream and face oil

Both of these are needed one to nourish the other to moisturise.

They can be used together or alternatively.

A face oil is good for your skin because it not only provides vital nourishment but it also protects the barrier by supporting the skin and reducing the trans epidermis water loss. The face cream also facilitates similar function though it mostly moisturises, it’s very important for skin to be well hydrated so it can perform the required enzyme activity.


It’s not necessary to include all these products in your routine but in my experience people get bored with using the same products all the time, besides skin changes from time to time. Hence a good collection of well researched good for your specific skin products are always a good idea to have around to give you options according to your mood.

If you found this useful share with someone who might benefit from this information.

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