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Wellbeing Mindfulness and happiness are lifestyle choices that are close to my heart. In this post I discuss five main habits that help me maintain balance as far as reasonably practical. I still hit a brick wall at sometimes and feel totally overwhelmed but I have learnt to monitor myself and identify the symptoms and causes before the situation gets out of hand.

The five simple yet effective steps I take include

1. Declutter your space, this helps you think clearly, remember everything is energy including all that clutter around you, it’s sending out vibes and these vibes can affect you in different ways, eg a disorganised environment can give you reasons to procrastinate and put off important tasks. How to solve this issue just tidy as you go along, and if it’s a big job take it in small strides. Like folding the clothes in one shelf after work each day until the wardrobe is organised. If it’s your phone that’s cluttered rearrange the apps delete ones you don’t need, delete old phone numbers and people you are not in contact with anymore.

2. Don’t be afraid to declutter your life that is personal relationships, this is even more important than your environment. I know this is a tricky one, if we are honest with ourselves we all have those people that drain us for whatever reason.

I will give you an example,

I recently acquired a new relationship nice enough person but a few red flags.

Very bossy, always pushing their own agendas in other words very selfish,

So I knew what to do before that relationship went any further, though I did let it go on for a little longer that I should have.

So don’t be like me where you put up with people who don’t deserve your time and attention. They will drain your energy until you have nothing to offer to those that you should really be paying attention to, proberbly those that would benefit from the best you the most.

3. Make time for yourself, find what makes you happy and do just that, I enjoy skincare formulation so I create skincare I find it therapeutic find the products here

I also love to read self help books you won’t find me far from these books or audibles, I listen to a lot of podcasts on business etc.

Self care Sunday is actually a thing in my house I do my nails, wash my hair, shave and mask from head to toes, I also meditate and do amateur yoga.

My point is find your distraction and indulge whenever you can.

Self-care Sunday is a good reminder for us all to pause, breath and smell the roses so do join the cult.

4. Work on something you really love outside your job, if it’s helping others do that if it’s gardening do that, if it’s writing why not start sharing shirt stories on Instagram, find that activity that makes your heart sing and do it if it’s watching TV do that in moderation.

Doing what you love sends signals to your subconscious that you matter and care about your wellbeing.

5. Meditate its a great skill to help you manage you mind its a wild monkey that needs taming.

People meditate differently others pray some use different activities, whatever your chosen method of meditation make sure it helps you quieten the mind and find tranquility and peace from within.

Hope you find this useful, if you do please share with those that might benefit from this pat talk.

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